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Every person or brand has a voice with a lot of stories to tell. Deciding which stories are important & who gets to tell them makes or breaks a strong narrative. I’ve spent the last 6 years working in multiple industries & studying several different fields discovering how I can make your narrative special. Through social media management & photography we can foster a culture of excitement and involvement together in a way that shares your best stories well.


My services

Photography is my primary occupation, but I also manage and consult social media accounts for both businesses & people. I specialize in portrait, wedding, & event photography while catering to community focused service industry brands on social media.

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can we see some of your projects?

Totally! I have photo samples available from concerts, weddings, and various portrait sessions. To see my multi-media skills at their finest, check out my work with The Coug & our feature with ESPN’s College GameDay broadcast in 2018.

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Life with Lance Lee

My lifestyle is integrated heavily into my work and I believe that makes it more special to me and more valuable to you. Life spent with me celebrates the media created by me. Follow my social media accounts to stay connected daily.

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My hope

Since graduating from WSU in 2018, I’ve been passionately chasing stories that bring me joy then telling them through photography & social media. Being a creative, my business is personal & my personal life is a daily process you’re all an important part of. I’m excited to invite you to join the process & help me tell better stories.