Praise for a Christian feminist

Photo by  roya ann miller  on  Unsplash

A Christian feminist sounds like a contradiction. Sarah Bessey, a Canadian author and mother of three, doesn't think it needs to be. 

I just finished her book audiobook Jesus Feminist, an essay style self-help book that revisits a biblical view of female gender roles. 

The book is sitting in my digital library because I'm Christian and I support feminism. I've been told many times I can't do both. I've learned people believe these two ideologies are antithetical to each other. I've wanted to hear what a Christian woman with a positive spin on both has to say about it all.

Bessey is a respected thought leader in the sub-culture of popular religious media. She's accomplished this by being honest, provocative, and at peace with an evolving faith. With empathy, patience, and joy she explains the restrictions we have put on scripture over millennia and the freedoms that come with the Bible in advocating civil ideologies like equal rights.

There are a lot of ways to be a Christian, and there are a lot of ways to be a feminist.

Bessey believes in a bare bones, stripped down, simple definition of feminism that places men and women on the same playing field. This skim milk understanding of feminism leaves room for a bridge to gap the divide between the two identifiers. 

Taking it upon herself to be a leader across this bridge, Bessey's following continues to grow (she just earned my readership) as solidifies her position as a phenomenal thought leader.

Listen to Bessey explain her ideology in this brief segment with Premier Christian Radio here.


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