Moving on with what I've learned

I am one of the last people educated enough and experienced enough to write about women and popular culture. That's a given. However, taking on the challenge this fall has been a rewarding and educational experience I wouldn't trade for anything.

I was encouraged to start this blog for a communication class I took titled Media Strategies and Techniques for Public Relations. I took my three majors (PR, journalism, and women's studies) and found a topic I could apply what I was learning to a healthy online conversation.

Three things I anticipating learning from this class is how to narrow down a specific target audience for my blog, write exclusively for that audience, and then measure who is engaging with that content.

Not only did I meet all of those things, I also learned how rich and complex and beautiful the existence and persistence of women is in popular culture. I also found hard examples that made evident how they are mistreated and abused, too.

I love a lot of things and, if I’m left to organizing things myself, would write about everything under the sun with no reason or rhyme. This class will give me structure, and this class gave me the drive I needed to dig deeper.

I explored the representation of women in all sorts of media I’m consuming. It was music, movies, television, comics, novels, magazines, videos, memes or whatever. There’s really no limit to the content impacted.

Now, I'll take a break from writing about women and popular culture. My favorite blogs from this stream will be transfered to Medium, where the rest of my blogs are shared. From here on out, you can keep up with the things that interest and impact me there.

It's a new season for me, though. And it's time for me to build off of these studies and put my energy elsewhere. I hope you all have enjoyed my work and continue to read more on Medium.

I'm thankful, and I'm signing off.

Sexual harassment awareness shifts for better film and television productions

Sexual harassment awareness shifts for better film and television productions