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Lance Lee Lijewski

Starbucks is my favorite brand because 1) they sell coffee and 2) they market generosity.

I read the Washington Post’s most read headlines at three times a day, minimum.

Strong female leads in movies like Aliens, The Force Awakens, and Wonder Woman are my kryptonite. Take all of my money. I’ll watch them all day, every day and never be productive again.

These things are important to know because each are part of the make-up of my character and part of the reason I’m writing this blog.

It is my hope that, for this season of my life, I can share my thoughts and opinions and all the things I’m learning about the representation of women in pop-culture.

If you’re not familiar with who I am or why I’m interested in this stuff, I’ll fill you in quickly right here:


My last name is pronounced Lee-es-key.

I’m a fifth year student majoring in Multi-Media Journalism, Public Relations, and Women’s Studies. Yes, three majors. I’m going a little overboard for super specific dreams.

I currently run social media for a bar called The Coug, I make hot dogs and cater on the weekends to pay bills, and do portrait photography as a small side-business.

Now that you know who I am, let me tell you a little bit about why this blog exists.

I’ve been encouraged to start this blog for a communication class I’m taking titled Media Strategies and Techniques for Public Relations.

Three things I’m anticipating to learn from this class is how to narrow down a specific target audience for my blog, write exclusively for that audience, and then measure who is engaging with that content.

I love a lot of things and, if I’m left to organizing things myself, would write about everything under the sun with no reason or rhyme. This class will give me structure.

Throughout this semester I’ll be writing things along the lines of: 5 Reasons Why It’s Hypocritical for Progressive News Outlets to Shame the Women of the White House or Think A Film Lacks Strong Female Characters? Use the Bechtel Test to Prove It.

It’s my intention to explore the representation of women in all sorts of media I’m consuming. It can be music, movies, television, comics, novels, magazines, videos, memes or whatever. There’s really no limit and I’m excited to see what’s out there.

Hopefully you’ll all be interested in tracking with me as well. Feel free to give me feedback and share your own thoughts on the representation of women in the pop-culture products you’re engaging with!