Faces of passionate visioncasting

Faces of passionate visioncasting

At the end of their first network wide conference, one founding Resonate Church pastor was joyfully crying. Another was hardly containing a smile that somehow beamed brighter than all of the set lights combined.

I'm sure the other leaders present were just as emotional. I don't know for certain though because I was so distracted and overwhelmed by the responses of these two people I didn't notice.

These two founding leaders were struck with excitement at what was happening directly in front of them. Over half the room (200+ people) was standing in response to the question, "How many of you are willing to commit your future to a Resonate church plant?"

If you're not familiar with the general purpose and current vision of Resonate Church, let me briefly explain.

Resonate exists to connect the Gospel to people, people to community, and community to mission. They are dedicated to leading 21 collegiate church sites by the year 2021.

Now, I've only been a member of Resonate for four years. I jumped in around 2013 right before they launched their third site. They began in 2007 and, as of today, have six sites. I haven't been around long enough to fully understand it's already rich history.

But as an active attendee, and a volunteer staff member on their media team, I've experienced enough to know how powerful and necessary the Resonate Conference is for our network.

In 36 hours I worshiped God with people from 5 cities across Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. I said goodbye to dear friends moving 13,000+ miles across the globe. I reconnected with alumni who played significant roles in my spiritual growth. I sang, and I laughed, and I listened to our pastors with people from all walks of life committed to the same body of Christ.

So many wonderful things happened in such a short amount of time. And it isn't the first time I've lived a similar story (read about our Eugene and Ellensburg plants in my past blog posts).

This is because our community through Resonate has evolved from a group of five guys trying to radically transform the lives of college students to an entire network of college students trying to radically transform the lives of their peers. 

We've declared ourselves a part of an urgent multiplying church planting movement. It is what we at Resonate believe collectively is our mission in this world. And it is totally awesome.

During the Resonate Conference this year, the core leaders of our church shared the next chapter of Resonate's story. Details revealing the realistic expectations and already working cogs of the 21x21 vision were brought to light. It all was a fantastic annotation of all that God is doing across His global church. 

ResCon2017, as we informally and affectionately call the conference, had a lot of cool features. Great speakers, awesome music, and wonderful breakout sessions gave everyone a bang for their buck. But none of that was my favorite feature.

My favorite feature was those two pastors expressing raw emotion resulting from not their own work, but a decade worth of obediently responding to a mission and being blessed with a slight revealing of the harvest.

If you have the opportunity to ask someone what it is exactly God is doing in our lives through this vision, jump on it. If you have another opportunity to ask a question after that, pry into Resonate Church's story a bit. Currently, it's narrative potential is endless.

We're overwhelmed but not speechless.

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