Scars: telling stories through tattoos

Scars: telling stories through tattoos

My friend Damian has a pretty unsettling story.

Well, stories actually.

Not a bunch of long stories. But short stories kinda like those in Netflix miniseries’ such as House of Cards or Daredevil.

Damian’s stories build a larger narrative. It’s pleasant at times, gritty at others, and messes with reality over and over again.

It’s exactly what everyone wants to watch but no one wants to experience. It’s an award winning scenario with a cost most wouldn’t want to pay.

My own life and the weight personal, professional, and academic struggles has on it has been influence by Damian. He’s given me examples to critically compare, contrast, and apply every day.

Not in the “So the white house symbolizes my privilege as a college student and Lynnwood symbolizes the darker side of myself” critical nonsense or the “If blindness is a curse that can be used for good then my ability to procrastinate can be a force of power if I’m a vigilante” contrasting BS.

Rather the “Man he’s trying so hard to thrive, not just survive” sense of reflection. The sort of “wow some struggles never die.”

I believe Damian’s life has an unbelievable amount of stories. The stories are heavy and powerful. Each can do some serious damage for the good of the soul.

Because of this, Damian and I embark on a small project this spring.

We’re going to tell those stories. And we’re going to tell them in a medium we think packs the biggest punch.

It’s a photo series titled SCARS.

SCARS will document all 26 of Damian’s tattoos. In a small print book with over 50 pages SCARS will pair a photo with a short essay either Damian or I will pen.

The purpose of the book is to let the stories behind the ink injected into Damian’s flesh tell his grander narrative. The stories will weave together into a greater story. A greater identity will be revealed.

Demons, angels, lions, lambs, doves, wings, roses, stars, lips, names, brands, faces, and phrases – there are so many scars and so many stories.

For the next three months, we’ll tease draft images and unedited work. At Damian’s discretion we’ll tease some of the stories, too.

I’d encourage anyone with questions to contact me via or Facebook. If you’re interested in partnering with the project or have stories you’d like to share with Damian and I text 509.432.1372.