For two and a half years I worked with Washington State University's student newspaper The Daily Evergreen. The images collected below are examples of completed projects. These are not a definitive list of my collaborative work, but rather a selection of samples.

Background information:
Outside of my work as a photographer and reporter, I was a layout designer and manager for various sections. Each emphasized front cover design of news and entertainment.  Layouts relied on collaborative work between photographers, graphic designers, and other editors on staff with The Daily Evergreen.

Seasons of work:
Life/MiX images were designed between January and May of 2014.

General news images were designed between September and December of 2014; September and December of 2015.

The Summer Evergreen front covers were designed between May 2015 and August 2015.

Additional layout collaborators are listed in alphabetical order: Dustin Brennan, Matthew Brunstetter, EJ Deocampo, Michelle Fredrickson, John Freitag, Calley Hair, Bryce Henthorn, Nathan Howard, Des Marks, Connor McBride, Shane Michard and Hannah Street.