Final Scripts

Disclaimer: All scenes are based off of real accounts, as well as further research into the topics. The scenes do not reflect the thoughts or views of ASWSU as a whole, and will be used for spreading awareness about the prevalence of sexual and domestic violence, as well as sexual objectification and toxic masculinity. Thank you.


Party Scene (Video #1)

Scene with sexual violence (and potential precursor of rape) with an additional (and simple) bystander intervention technique at the end

Felicia, Matt (drunk), and Eli

Matt: “Hey, I recognize you! History 105, right? With Weller?”

Felicia [laughs]: “Bright and early three times a week?”

Matt: “Yeah, that’s the one!”

Felicia: “I’m surprised you recognized me. There are about a billion people in that class.”

Matt: “Yeah, well, how could I not notice such a beautiful face?”

Felicia [shifts uncomfortably, then laughs]: “Who, me? You don’t have to say that.”

Matt: “Wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. Hey, you’re getting low on that drink – want me to go grab you another?”

Felicia [waves her hand]: “Oh, that’s okay, I’m good. If you want to go get one for yourself, though...”

Matt [winks]: “Nah, I don’t want one of my brothers to swoop in when I leave, you know?”

Felicia [laughs, uncomfortable]: “I’m sure I’ll be fine. Seriously. I’m just here because one of my friends was having a stressful week.”

Matt [puts hand on wall beside her]: “Well I’m glad you made it. It was boring before you got here.”

Female [shifts away from him]: “I’m sure that’s not true.”

Matt [laughs]: “Would I lie? Sounds like someone doesn’t trust me.”

Felicia laughs.

Matt [sticks out hand]: “Matt Delancey, at your service.”

Felicia [smiles]: “Felicia. Nice to meet you.”

Matt: “See, that was easy. Do you like dancing, Felicia?”

Felicia [scans crowd, presumably for friends, and laughs uncomfortably]:  “Oh, no, I’m terrible at it. I think I’ll just stay here.”

Matt: “It’s not that hard. If you get scared, just remember most of these people are pretty drunk.”

Felicia [laughs]: “I’m fine. Really.”

Matt [rolls eyes]: “Well I can wait. Maybe after you’ve had a couple more drinks? Anyway, where you from?”

Felicia [annoyed]: “West side, Seattle area. You?”

Matt [leans closer, violating personal space]: “What’d you say? Sorry, didn’t hear you!”

Felicia [leans away]: “Near Seattle!”

Matt [grins, looks up, but maintains close distance]: “Oh no way, me too! What high school?”

Felicia [scans crowd once more]: “Cascade High? In Everett?”

Matt [gaze travels to her mouth, smiles]: “Aw, I’m from Franklin. Would have spent more time in Everett if I’d known there were such pretty girls that way.”

Felicia [laughs, uncomfortable]: “You’re so nice. And this was fun, but I should probably go find my friends, soon. Sorry! Ellie can be a bit of a wild card.”

Matt: “Oh, I’m sure she’s not the only wild one.”

Felicia [laughs again, uncomfortable, shifts away]: “Sorry, I should really be go-”

Matt kisses Felicia.

Felicia [jerks away, stammering]: “No, that isn’t, I’m not. This isn’t what I do. I’m so sorry. I should really be going.”

Matt [hand cupping Felicia’s cheek]: “I can’t be that bad of a kisser. Was it a bad angle?”

Matt shifts, arms on both sides of Felicia, to box her in completely.

Matt: “Is this better?”

Felicia: “Please move.”

Matt: “Oh, come on. I saw how you were looking at me two seconds ago.”

Felicia [worried]: “I’m being serious. Get away from me.”

Matt: “Hey, don’t be like that.”

Felicia [Shakes head, panicked]: “Like what? Look, I just-”

Close by, Eli notices the interaction.

Eli: “Babe, I’m so glad you made it to the party! I was worried you wouldn’t show!”

He grabs one of Matt’s arms and pushes it away, then grabs Felicia’s arm and pulls her from the wall and away from Matt.

Matt: “Wait, this your girlfriend?”

Eli: “Oh, yeah, yeah. Sorry, I’m Eli! And I thought you were gonna text me when you got here, babe? I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

Felicia: “Um…yeah, I just- I guess I just forgot…”

Matt [to Felicia]: “I thought…you said you came with friends?”

Eli: “Aw, I was at a review for an exam – it ran late, so I couldn’t make it over with them. Anyway, nice to meet you man. I promised some of the boys I’d introduce her, though, so I’ll have to steal her from you.”

Matt [confused]: “Oh, yeah, that’s cool. No worries.”

Eli pulls Felicia away, outside.

Eli: “Sorry about that, I noticed he was being a creep and thought I’d step in. I’m Eli. Let’s go find your friends, all right?”

End scene.


Study Table Scene (Video #2)

Sexual objectification and toxic masculinity

Group of four males at one table (Max, Greg, Daniel, Axel), one female close by, studying.

Max: “Whoo, what I wouldn’t do to have a night alone with that ass.”

Greg [looks around]: “Which one? Oh, hell yeah. Fight me for it.”

Max [laughs]: “Whatever. She’d clearly be more into me. I mean, c’mon, she’d probably be so grateful, too.”

Daniel [uncomfortable]: “Let’s just get back to studying.”

Axel: “Nah, do you see who they are talking about? Damn, I want into this bet. Put me in the ring. She wouldn’t walk for a week after I had her.” [Laughs]

All but Daniel laugh.

Max: “I get the first night, you get the second?”

Greg: “Is there gonna be a third?”

Daniel: “Hey, guys, knock it off. She might hear you. This isn’t cool.”

Max: “Oh, someone is getting defensive. What’s wrong, Danny boy? Should we ask her parents’ permission first?”

Axel [laughs]: “White knight trying to ride in and save the day.”

Max: “No one needs saving, so you can untwist your panties. We’re just joking around.”

Greg: “It’s just ‘cause he couldn’t get her. Hate to break it to ya, bud, but being nice only gets you to the Friendzone.”

Daniel: “It’s Daniel. And no, we just shouldn’t talk about her like that. It’s gross. Let’s get back to studying.”

Max [laughs]: “Can’t decide if he has a crush on her, or if he gets off to other guys. Any guesses?”

Greg: “Kid crush. He dated Hannah, remember?”

Daniel: “Guys, stop.”

Axel: “He dated a girl, so what? Could be a cover. Doesn’t mean anything.”

Daniel: “I’m serious. This isn’t funny.”

Max: “Oh, someone’s getting their widdle feewings hurt. Don’t worry, you can date her after we’re done. Nothing wrong with a used car, as long as it doesn’t have too many miles.”

Max [laughs]: “He isn’t an experienced driver, either, so he’ll probably thank us, too.”

Daniel [embarrassed]: “What the hell? You’re all being dumb. And she isn’t a car. What’s wrong with you?”

Greg: “What’s wrong with us? What’s wrong with you? You’re the one that’s getting all upset over nothing. We’re just joking around, Danny. Calm down.”

Axel: “He’s a momma’s boy, what’d you expect?”

Max: “Aw, don’t go crying to your momma about this, okay? We’re sorry.”

Daniel: “Seriously? Guys, lay off. I don’t care. I was just saying to leave her alone. Let’s just focus on our homework.”

Max [eying girl]: “Nah, I have other things I want to focus on.”

Daniel makes a disgusted noise.

Axel [slaps Daniel’s arm]: “Get off his back, Danny. He hasn’t had any since last week.”

Max: “Hey, I get it on more than little Danny boy, here. If you want, I can give you some tips. Coach you. You’d just have to not act like such a little bitch all the time.”

Daniel [closes book and starts stuffing things into bag]: “Yeah, okay, you know what? I’m done. I’d rather study on my own, anyway.”

Axel: “Aw, he’s running away.”

Greg: “You’re overreacting, dude.”

Max: “Yeah, next time just stay quiet and we’ll let you have a go first.”

Greg [scoffs]: “Hey, he’s fourth.”

Axel: “Your game is terrible, Greg. It honestly wouldn’t matter if you were third or fourth.”

Daniel [stands up]: “I’ll see you guys in class.”

Axel: “Dude, sit down. You’re being ridiculous.”

Daniel: “I don’t care. Text me if you’re struggling with anything.”

Max: “Besides your attitude? Yeah, okay, bye. Have a nice, boring Sunday. Probably cry about it when he gets home.”

Axel: “Or text his mom. Hey Danny boy, tell your momma I said hi. Max said she was asking for me.”

Max [laughs]: “Hell no, she was only saying my name.”

Daniel doesn’t say anything, leaves.

End Scene


Coffee Scene (Video #3)

Portrayal of some signs of domestic violence in the victim from an outsider perspective

Three girls (Angela, Trina, and Symone)

Angela and Trina sit at a table, waiting.

Angela [looks skeptical]: “Think she’ll actually show?”

Trina [snorts]: “Let’s see, she’s cancelled on us, what, 20 times in the last month? Min said Symone doesn’t even respond to her texts anymore.”

Angela: “At least she still responds to us, right? Didn’t know I’d have to be grateful for that.”

Trina [shrugs]: “I guess we just aren’t as cool as her new girlfriend. Not like the last year and a half should mean anything.”

Angela: “Oh, she’s here! Wipe all that angry off on your face, Trina.”

Symone walks to table.

Symone [stands by table, awkward]: “Hey, guys. Long time no see.”

Trina: “And that’s not our fault, Symone.”

Angela [hits Trina’s arm lightly]: “What she means is, it’s nice to see you, Symone. How are you? How’s life? I feel like we haven’t seen you in forever.”

Trina snorts.

Symone [with small smile]: “Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve just been super busy, you know? Trying to balance things with a new relationship and new classes. But – is it okay if I go get coffee? I’ll be right back.”

Trina: “And now she wears glasses? Since when? Did she change her name, too?”

Angela [rolls her eyes]: “Oh be nice. She’s the same girl. Maybe she’s just loaded down by her everything, like she said.”

Trina: “I’m not forgiving her as fast as you, Angela. We got one half-hearted apology. I’m looking for a handwritten letter.”

Angela [shakes head]: “You’re ridiculous.”

Symone comes back with coffee, pulls out a chair, and sits down.

Symone: “So how have you both been?”

Angela [looks at Trina, then smiles at Symone]: “I’ve been good! Everything gets a little more hectic junior year, but Adam and I are doing well. Also, things with the intramural soccer team are awesome! Trina even scored the winning goal this past weekend!”

Symone [smiles]: “That’s amazing, Trina!”

Trina: “It wasn’t that big of a deal. And why weren’t you there? We invited you. You could’ve even brought your new girlfriend along. You know we all support you two.”

Symone [looks down at her coffee]: “Yeah, we were going to, but Ashley was tired, so we decided to stay in. We had a movie night. It was nice.”

Trina: “Probably not as nice as our soccer game.”

Angela: “Trina! Sorry, Symone, don’t worry about her. She just misses you. We both do.”

Symone [checks phone]: “Oh it’s alright, I kind of deserve it. I miss you both too. Things have just been a little hectic, you know?”

Trina: “We get it, Symone, I’m just giving you a hard time. Also, remember that game we used to play?” [Gestures to table]

Symone [laughs]: Oh right, whoever has their phone out pays for food. Does that still apply at Thomas Hammer (or other coffee place)?”

Trina: “You know I like my mochas.”

Symone: “Yeah, I’m just…you know, Ashley likes to check in every so often. Just to make sure things are going okay.”

Trina: “God, we’re not serial killers. Put the phone away, Symone, before you owe me two mochas.”

Angela: “Trina, it’s okay…”

Symone: “No, no, I get it. I’ll put it away. Not a big deal.” [Puts phone in purse]

Angela: “Okay, moving on. How are you? And tell us about the lucky girl, please.”

Symone [smiles]: “Oh she’s amazing. I’m honestly so lucky to be with her. She has a bit of a temper-”

Angela [laughs]: “As bad as Trina’s?”

Symone: “Trina acts tough, but she’s a softie. No, Ashley, she just gets jealous a lot, you know? She’s really insecure, and didn’t have the best childhood. We’re working on things together, though.”

Angela: “Gets jealous? What do you mean?”

Trina: “Is that why you stopped talking to Min?”

Symone [shifts, uncomfortable]: “Yeah, I mean I guess. Ashley’s been cheated on before, so she just worries. I’m just doing my best to make her feel better.”

Trina: “She’s not worried about us, is she?”

Symone [laughs]: “Oh no, not like that. She just, you know, she has bad days, and I’d rather be there for her with them, so I try to keep a flexible schedule.”

Trina: “Okay…and the hoodie? I didn’t even know you owned one.”

Symone [embarrassed]: “It’s nothing. I told you, she just gets insecure. Some of my other stuff was kind of scandalous anyway. Besides that, it’s been wonderful. I am so grateful for this relationship. How is Adam, Ange?”

Angela [faux bright voice]: “He’s good, he’s good. Did I tell you, Trina, I found him watching Mulan on repeat in the living room because he bombed a chem exam? Apparently that’s his go-to for feeling better.”

Trina: “Yeah, I think you actually snapchatted that to me. Adam’s a smart man. Personally, mine is How to Train Your Dragon, but I still respect his choice.”

Angela: “What about Ashley? What movie does she-”

Symone’s phone rings for a call.

Symone [nervous]: “I should probably…”

Trina: “You really want to buy us another coffee that badly, Symone?”

Symone: “No, it’s just, she’ll be pretty upset if I don’t pick up.”

Angela: “Go for it, Symone. We don’t mind, do we, Trina?”

Trina [rolls her eyes]: “Of course we don’t.”

Symone: “You know what? No, I’ll just call her back later. It’s okay. She’ll understand.”

Trina: “That’s the spirit! So how are classes?”

Symone: “Oh they’re good. And, really, I’m only having mental breakdowns like every once in a while about senior year and graduating, so I’m feeling pretty good about that, too.”

Trina [raises her drink]: “I hear ya.”

Angela [phone chimes, checks it]: “Oh, Symone, it looks like Ashley reached out to me. She said that you need to call her immediately? Maybe it’s an emergency or something?”

Trina: “Well, Angela, I like mochas.”

Symone gets up as her phone rings again, answers and walks away.

Angela: “Trina, I don’t think she’s okay. This relationship…it just seems off, you know?”

Trina [snorts]: “That’s one way of putting it. But if you wanna to talk about it, you’re bringing it up. You’re better with words.”

They sip coffee until Symone returns.

Symone [upset]: “I should probably get going…Ashley needs me back.”

Trina: “Symone, sit down. Just for a few minutes.”

Symone [more agitated]: “No, I really think I should get going. She’s upset right now.”

Trina: “You just got here. She’ll understand a few more minutes.”

Angela [puts hand on Symone’s arm]: Look, Symone, we care about you. We always have and we always will. And we’re just…worried. Is everything really okay with Ashley?”


Gym Scene (Video #4)

Male sexual violence survivor narrative

Two males (Jared and Kyle)

Jared [laughs, sets down his weights]: “Dude, what are you doing? Staring at them doesn’t count as a work out.”

Kyle [laughs, not genuine]: “Yeah, yeah, sorry. I’m just not really in it, today.”

Jared: “You gotta be consistent and put in time, even on your bad days. Need a pep talk or something?”

Kyle: “Nah I just…”

Jared [picks up waterbottle]: “What’s distracting you? Is it Sammie?”

Kyle [flinches]: “Sammie? Who told you that?”

Jared [takes a drink]: “Chill; Eric told me you guys were getting to know each other again at the bars this past weekend.” [slaps Kyle on the back] “Actually maybe more than getting to know each other. Congrats, man. I knew you were still into her.”

Kyle [hands ball into fists]: “No, that’s not…”

Jared: “Okay, that’s not a happy face. What happened? She still talking to her plaything?”

Kyle: “No, no. No. It’s…Jared, I don’t- I don’t remember. And I didn’t want to…” [Pauses, looks away]

Jared: “What are you saying, Kyle? Just spit it out.”

Kyle [looks around, but no one is close; voice shaky]: “I said no, Jared. Okay? I said no. I didn’t want to do anything. We were just supposed to talk.”

Jared [sets down his water bottle slowly]: “What are you saying? Are you saying she…you know…?”

Kyle: “I don’t know, I don’t know! I just remember I was hitting it off with this other girl, and then Sammie…she was there. And she, I don’t know, she was upset at me, I guess. And we started talking, she said for closure or some crap like that. And then she just kept buying me drinks. Six, seven, shit, I don’t know. And the boys, they ditched me. So she said I could crash at her place. And I didn’t want to, you know, but I didn’t want to drive at that point. And then…” [swallows]

Jared: “Hey, slow down. What’d she do?”

Kyle [pushes hand against his forehead]: “I don’t know, dude, I can’t really remember all the way. She just kept kissing me and kissing me. And I remember I said no, you know? I said no. I wasn’t into it. I didn’t want to. But she ignored it, or said I liked it, or something, and kept going. And I didn’t – I didn’t want to. I didn’t…I think we went all the way, but I didn’t want to…”

Jared [jaw flexes]: “You saying she…?”

Kyle: “Yeah, look, I shouldn’t have said anything. It sounds weird, now that it’s out there. Let’s just ignore it and get back to working out.”

Jared: “No, Kyle. Hey, I believe you, okay? She’s a snake. We always knew that, but I believe you. And if you need anything, I’m here. We can talk about it or just hit the gym extra hard some days. Whatever will help.”

Kyle [laughs, emotional]: “Thanks, Jared. That’s…it means a lot.”

Jared [smiles]: No problem. And my buddy Lloyd – you know Lloyd? – yeah, he went to Health and Wellness, and they have free counseling if you need to talk to someone who might know what to say better. He got pretty messed up after his gran died. Apparently they helped a lot.”

Kyle: “Yeah, maybe.”

Jared: “You didn’t deserve any of that. She should have listened to you, dude. What she did was wrong. I’m sorry.”

Kyle: “Yeah, okay. Thanks, Jared. Seriously. Thank you.”

End Scene