Fork In The Road Photography Rates Proposal

The organization of this page is in order of a general event rate explanation, followed by the hybrid proposal designed specifically for FIR, and then wraps up with an alternative option for your consideration. Since you have my contact information, feel free to skip the follow-up button.


General Event Rate - $175 per hour of event

From January to June 2018 events start at $175 per hour of event. This is not my proposal for FIR, just an explanation of my rates for other clients.

The breakdown for hourly cost is:

$25 for camera/lens rental,

$25 for time reservation,

$50 for shooting,

and $50 for editing/touch-ups after event.

A deposit of the cost for time is expected when the reservation is made. The deposit is non-refundable. The rest of the cost is due 24 hours before the event takes place. Under extenuating circumstances it is understood the services may be canceled between that 24 hour window and the payment will be refunded.

Example: College Hill Custom Threads contracted Lance Lee to photograph an event for two hours with his own gear. The cost of the event was $350. CHCT decided to pay half the amount upon reservation and the remaining amount 24 hours before the event.


Hybrid Shift Proposal - $75 per shift

I understand that in some cases not many pictures are needed from events and the photos taken may not be used for marketing purposes. I also understand a hybrid shift requires half the photography services a full event requires. I propose the following cost breakdown in the case my photography services are requested alongside a catering shift: 

$30 for camera/lens rental,

$0 for time reservation,

$0 for shooting,

and $50 for editing/touch-up

The total cost would be an additional $75 per shift. This is also the cost of a 45 minute mini-session offered to individual clients seeking portraits. Since my time and energy during a shift is already committed to FIR, there is no cost suggested for those services. I only ask to be compensated for gear and time spent outside of the shift. If the cost suggested for gear and post-shift work is not appealing, I have an alternative proposal below.


Individual Photo Sales - $10 per image/$150 monthly

Under 20 photos per month:

I will bring my camera to scheduled shifts and shoot photos at my own discretion. I will edit/touch-up on my own time and share all watermarked photos in a Dropbox folder within 72 hours of each shift. FIR management selects each photo they want to purchase and I release each selection unmarked for $10 per image.

Unlimited photos per month:

The same shift-to-shift services apply from the previous paragraph. However, FIR management has unlimited access to all unmarked photos uploaded to the Dropbox folder for $150 per month.