Photography Prices:

Mini Portrait - $80

Full Portrait - $150

Engagement - $250

Wedding - $750*

* Does not include travel costs

Social Media Rates:

Surface package - $100 weekly*

Expansion package - $150 weekly*

Part-time package - $200 t0 $250 weekly*

*Contact for more details

Hey! I'm Lance Lee. I'm a visual storyteller dedicated to showcasing people &  businesses at their best across social media. 

As a little kid growing up in the Midwest I had no idea what I wanted to be as a grown-up. My friends and siblings were convinced they'd be doctors or fire-fighters or motivational speakers or movie directors. I was never as confident. I never truly knew what I liked, what I wanted, or what I was good at.

Moving to the Pacific Northwest for middle-school thru college shook me up. Now I passionately chase writing, photography, and collaborative multi-media projects whenever I get the chance. There's no stopping my impulse to create.

When did you start storytelling?

Photography got a grip on me a little less than three years ago. However, designing print products and journalism got my attention early-on when I was in high-school. I've been lucky in finding purpose through my educational experience.

What kind of work have you done?

My current focus is managing marketing and digital content for local businesses, alongside portrait photography, while I finish my second degree at WSU. Over the years I've held multiple positions for student-led publications, worked on projects with news organizations like The Oregonian or The Spokesman-Review, and contributed to the growing media productions of local church-plants. 

Where do you plan on working in the future?

My dream is to lead teams of visual storytellers in projects that show how much good is in the world. I want to reveal who the individual influencers are in movements that tackle sexual harassment, poverty, immigration, mental health, and more. Right now my goals are less targeted on "where" I'll be working and "what" I'll be working on. In short, my future is "to be determined."

Why do you choose to storytell full-time?

I absolutely love people and the things that make them unique.

Being a storyteller gives me the freedom to connect with people, cultivate a relationship with them and their community, then create a narrative that reveals how awesome or special they truly are.

Finding a way to sustainably live while investing all of my energy in other people is a dream, and storytelling is the means of achieving that dream.

What is your story?