If you’ve ever spent more than an hour in a church, you have a pretty good idea of how awful most small groups are. If you’ve never spent more than an hour in a church, you might have no clue what I’m talking about. Good for you.

Somehow, though, Resonate Church here in Pullman, Washington has found a way to organize something that helps the healing skeptic respect the intention of small groups.

Two myths: We're our own worst enemy. Close people know us better than we know ourselves. For me their fact.

Sometimes, the "close people" aren't close their just consistent presences - like bartenders. And a lot of times, what they say about our lives packs a punch.

Why 2014 was killer and 2015 will be my wildest year yet

Twelve months ago, I celebrated 2014 at a busy intersection in East Asia.

Ten days ago, I celebrated 2015 at the same intersection I celebrated 2014 in East Asia.

I rushed into 2014 lights flickering and a promise they’d shut off post-celebration. I started 2015 with a fire burning and a city ready to extend the flame.

Why getting dipped in dirty church water is really weird but super awesome

Baptism, that weird thing Christians do with water and people and rivers sometimes subbed by hot tubs, isn’t necessary for eternal life.

It’s not a requirement. It’s not an obligation. It’s a choice, and a killer one at that.

Baptism is a pretty rad way to declare your belief in eternal life and symbolically proclaim a spiritual transformation.

But, as awesome as this is, I need to make a few things clear.

Why Ellensburg made me sick

You would think visiting a church plant is an easy task. Especially if it’s half way across the state. You would think leaving only come natural. Especially if you’ve only hung around for a couple of hours.

It’s not. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve experienced in a long time.

Ellensburg, Washington left me sick to my stomach.